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In 2016 an entirely new platform for Springfield Armory, the SAINT™ AR-15 is a premium, features-packed rifle that elevates operation from muzzle to buttstock. The inspiration behind the SAINT AR-15 was born of the desire to build a rifle with upgrades that come standard on even our entry-level model. The expansion of the SAINT AR-15 line has included the SAINT Edge, and the SAINT Pistol. In 2017 with the announcement of the XD-E, Springfield Armory entered the market of DA/SA hammer-fired polymers. It features a single stack design, ambidextrous thumb safety/decocker, low-effort slide and exposed hammer that clearly shows gun mode. New shooter or skilled operator, the XD-E offers multiple modes of carry for your personal preference. In 2017 the newest platform to be offered by Springfield Armory is the most concealable pistol the company currently produces. With the feel of a 1911 scaled down to a pocket-friendly size, users don’t have to compromise shootability for concealability making it the best gun in its class. In 2018 XD-S MOD.2 Springfield Armory’s best-selling pistol, the XD-S, begins a new generation of improved ergonomics with the introduction of the XD-S Mod.2. Providing the optimum grip and feel you need, it’s the smallest gun in its class with the evolution and improvements in .45ACP.

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