Patriot Ordnance Factory

POF-USA has positioned itself through superior engineering and design in making the AR platform the absolute best it can be. Each rifle is built with technology that is 100% unique to POF-USA rifles. These enhancements are explained in detail on respective rifle pages. These are enhancements that no other manufacturer can claim, as most of them prefer their comfort zone of fitting standard parts together instead of delivering reliable innovation to those that need it most.

POF Firearms

Gas Piston Rifle, Rimfire rifle, and AR-Pistol

Gas Piston Rifle

Learn more about POF’s Gas Piston Rifles. Compatible scopes, accessories. This gun is great for sporting, and great long range shooting.


Learn more about POF’s Rimfire rifles. Compatible optics, accessories and ammo. Great for close range shooting and it’s a phenomenal gun.


Learn more abut POF’s AR-Pistol. Compatible optics,  accessories, and ammo. Great for mid-range shooting.