We are not a company of robotic assembly lines. Instead, we are a team of gifted people, fitting steel and polymer with heart and soul. Because perfection is our goal. And the only way to meet our uncompromising standards and unmatched quality is to craft every firearm with unrelenting passion. That’s why every single firearm that leaves our factory is tested by hand. It’s why more rounds are fired during our product development than any other firearms company.Conceived by brilliant minds. Crafted by skilled hands. Forged by dedicated souls.

FN Firearms 

AR-15s, Shotguns, Handguns, and Rifles


Learn more about FN’s AR-15s. Compatible with optics, and accessories. Great for mid-range combat.


Learn more abott FN’s shotguns, compatible accessories and ammo. Great for self defense, and hunting.


Learn more about FN’s handguns. Compatible optics, and ammo. Great for self defense.


Learn more about FN’s precision rifle. Compatible scopes accessories. Great for hunting and sporting.